Job description: Fundraising Manager, Yana Foundation

Location: Bacau County

Full time, 8 h/day


About us

YANA Charitable Foundation Romania is an independent, apolitical, non-governmental organization that creates and implements social service programs dedicated to supporting families, children, elderly people, and other vulnerable social groups. Our aim is to provide support for meeting basic needs, but most importantly, the resources necessary for acquiring the skills and confidence that can enable those less fortunate to overcome their difficulties and integrate themselves as functional and productive members of society. Our community approach allows us to understand specific needs and problems and to design targeted solutions. We constantly aim to engage all social and age groups, as well as local institutions, in working together for developing healthy, proactive social attitudes and a more prosperous community.

Our social service model has been officially recognized as an example of good practice by ANPDCA (National Authority for protecting the Rights of People with Disabilities, Children and Adoptions), validating our legitimacy and the efficacy of our approach. With over 25 years of experience in designing and implementing social support programs, and a team of 27 specialists in fields that are essential to the development of children with learning difficulties and disabilities, or personal development in general, YANA Charitable Foundation is an example of a successful organization that makes a real difference in the life of individuals but also in the improvement of the community as a whole.

This is what you’ll do at Yana Foundation

Our new colleague will join a hard-working, passionate team, committed to positively impact the lives of children and families from underprivileged communities in Bacau county.

The Fundraising Manager (TFM) will have a strategic role within Yana Foundation’s team and will be the driving force of the organization’s fundraising efforts. TFM will curate all internal and external fundraising campaigns and will be responsible for building and maintaining good relationships with prospective donors across multiple industries, both individual and corporate.

TFM will run a comprehensive analysis of the fundraising opportunities, will develop a customized fundraising strategy, will actively coordinate it and will ensure its successful implementation. TFM will communicate effectively in writing, online and face to face with internal stakeholders and the target public.

The ideal candidate is well organized, autonomous in the role, proactive & persuasive, has excellent networking abilities and the capacity to engage & inspire others.

TFM will report directly to the Executive Director of the Foundation and will work in close collaboration with the programs team, Yana’s board, the financial department and the communication team/consultant to build impactful fundraising campaigns.

Key responsibilities:

Driver of the fundraising strategy:

● Develop the fundraising strategy and validate it with the Executive Director and the Board

● Map current and potential internal and external donors & sources of funding

● Develop goals and a plan to expand the fundraising donor pool & refine that plan periodically to reflect and support our mission

● Design, run and evaluate innovative fundraising activities (incl. campaigns, one-time-events, etc.) to maximize donations, both as corporate and individual giving

● Closely follow the evolution of the market to identify new fundraising opportunities, and act upon the opportunities that match the fundraising priorities

● Establish and periodically revise the fundraising priorities

● Work collaboratively – with internal and external stakeholders – to streamline

fundraising opportunities

● Develop a strong collaboration with the Executive Director, Communication team & the Board, pulling them in proactively, for expertise and support in your work, and apprising them of successes relevant for fundraising purposes

Primary point of contact for communication regarding fundraising

● Contribute to the development of the communication strategy and to the

communication activities that support the fundraising activities

● Become Yana’s fundraising image for all internal and external stakeholders

● Create a donor stewardship plan to outline communication opportunities and

strategies for keeping donors engaged

Campaign management

● Keep the fundraising page on the website updated, optimized and as user-friendly as possible

● Conduct the internal and external outreach campaigns for redirecting up to 3.5% of the annual income tax campaign through the 230 form (annually) and & 20% from the annual profit margins of business companies

● Curate campaigns on giving platform, national and international such as

Benevity,,, possible phone campaigns with SMS

● Map other fundraising opportunities and other platforms we could build our presence on

● Monitor the results of the campaigns and compare them to the initial goals

● Stay informed on fundraising and marketing strategies employed by other

organisations (NGO, public sector and corporate) and share with the Executive

  • Director novel fundraising ideas and platforms

This is what you’ll bring to the team

● Excellent fit with the mission, vision and values of Yana Foundation

● University Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Business Management, Sociology & Social Support, Sales or other relevant field

● At least 5 years of relevant professional experience in fundraising / project management in a non-profit organization, or corporate experience in sales or marketing campaigns

● Excellent written and oral communication skills in Romanian and English

● Sharp public speaking skills and ability to deliver presentations to a range of audiences

● Self-starter and with a can-do attitude, but also able to seek counsel when needed (i.e. from the Executive Director and the Board)

● Teamplayer

● Good interpersonal and negotiation skills

● High level of personal energy, dependability and commitment

● Able to multi-task, hardworking and resilient

● Project management (incl. budgeting) skills

● Excellent organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines

● Keen attention to detail

● Strategic and creative mindset

● Previous experience working in a not-for-profit environment is a plus

Selection process

Apply for this role by March 8, 2023, using the following email address:

Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

The interviewing process will have 3 stages:

  • Online and phone interview with candidates after a thorough review of all the submissions
  • a short exercise to demonstrate your FR abilities
  • 2 face-to-face interviews with the shortlisted candidates.

All shortlisted candidates will undergo 1-2 background checks with their former employers, as part of our recruitment process.

The benefits of working with YANA Charitable Foundation

  • You will be representing a reputable organization whose achievements and recognition make it a relevant and trustworthy initiative for sponsors to support.
  • You will be working within a well established project, that is constantly growing, developing and accomplishing ambitious objectives.
  • You will bring an important contribution to supporting vulnerable individuals and the prosperous development of the entire community.
  • You will be part of a team of 27 professionals, that work together and cooperate in a dynamic and inclusive environment, supporting eachother in implementing commonly shared goals and objectives.

Thank you for considering YANA Foundation as a potential employer and for your willingness to bring your own contribution to positively impact Bacau communities!